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by Mak Misho


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The WAK CHAIR is created out of the need to make something equally crazy, eye catching and most importantly functional. At MAK MISHO we believe that art means nothing if we can’t fit it into our daily lives. Experience comfort with a gentle push from the back cushion. Perfect for endless discussions, solo sunrays with podcasts, or 9 to 5 hustle. The WAK CHAIR supports you, no matter who you are or your purpose.

We offer an extraordinary 50-day right of return from the day you receive the item.

These are the following delivery times for all of our products:

Denmark: 2-4 business days - free freight.

EU: 1 week - free freight.

Outside of the EU: Please contact us for more information.

If there are delays, you as a customer will always be notified as soon as possible. Please take holidays and weekends into account, as these may cause some delays and longer delivery time.


Width - 50 cm, Depth - 57 cm, Height - 85 cm


Polished stainless steel


Molded lywood, walnut veneer


Genuine patent leather/Genuine Clemence cowhide leather


Tested for - 100 kg/220 Lbs


Wak = an adjective used to refer to something crazy, weird and/or unbelievable.



The WAK CHAIR comes with a sphere in a stainless steel version for the people who enjoy the simplicity and beauty of natural elements. This sphere offers a timeless look and gives a sense of the big universe that we are all part of.



At MAK MISHO we don't want to compromise comfort over design, or the other way around. Therefore the back cushion is mindfully placed just below your shoulder blades which is the most ergonomic spot between your lower back and shoulders. The spot is carefully calculated comparing the average height of both men and women. This ensures that all types of backs should feel comfortable in our chair. The cushion releases the pressure of the lower back and ensures that you can enjoy many hours in a row in the WAK CHAIR.

The back cushion comes in two different options - one in black real grain leather which will with aging give off beautiful patina and personality. And one in real patent leather that will be the center of attention and at the same time be a practical choice as stains are very easy to wash off this material. 

To guarantee a long lifetime of the WAK CHAIR we have created an easy way of changing the back cushion to suit both your style and current needs. The back cushion is placed with a click-on-system which should make it a simple procedure for all our customers to change themselves. We hope that this option will result in many WAK CHAIRS staying with their owners forever and at the same time being able to take care of our planet. A win-win situation.

“Life is a playground - come play along”


At MAK MISHO we believe very much in personality and the importance of having an every-day product that suits both your needs and style. Therefore it is possible to choose and combine whatever sphere you would like with the cushion that suits your personal style the best.







Our walnut seat has a slight downward angle which ensures that you slide easily into the chair. It raises your legs a little to lift off the pressure of the lower back and gives a sense of lightness. Steel, walnut veneer and leather make up the three magic ingredients that will guarantee you get the feeling of a statement piece, high quality and a natural feel. The back and seat are placed freely on the steel frame with space between to create bounce to your body and a graceful look. 


For the design behind the WAK CHAIR one of the most important things was to develop a shape that supports both your precious behind, back and legs all at once. To achieve this shape of the seat we spend many hours constructing a plywood seat that bends in multiple axes to give you the utmost comfort. 


In 2017 the idea for the WAK CHAIR was born by the designer Alexander Rantzau Hunderup. He used a lot of hours both awake and in REM (sleeping) dreaming of and trying to create the most ergonomic chair for your body. But at the same time he didn’t want to compromise on the design of the chair. So the biggest challenge in the process was to find the right amount of design and comfort. He sketched and sketched away and investigated all the possibilities for making his design come true. He wanted to create something both quirky and timeless that could stay with people for the rest of their lives. Especially the sphere was a difficult process but a very important one to make sure the chair was unique and appealing to all sorts of people. After a lot of development he finally obtained the right amount of playfulness and functionality of the WAK CHAIR and the WAK CHAIR was now ready to meet the world. But like a good fairytale the story means nothing if the hero isn’t tested. The WAK CHAIR met a lot of obstacles along the journey. But luckily the WAK CHAIR didn’t surrender and it is now here and ready to meet you all.