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With a distinctive blend of classical music training and a passion for design, Jakob Mizrahi presents a unique approach to furniture creation. Trained originally as a classical pianist, Jakob's transition into design was driven by an innate need to express creativity through physical forms. Starting in 2015, his designs draw heavy inspiration from the vibrant aesthetics of the 80s, utilizing materials like wood and vinyl to craft pieces that are not only functional but also evoke a sense of nostalgia and innovation. His journey from music to carpentry illustrates a seamless translation of rhythmic beauty from one art form to another, making each piece a symphony of craftsmanship.


Jakob Mizrahi approaches furniture design with a composer’s precision and an artist's eye. His creations, characterized by bold uses of vinyl and wood, reflect his deep respect for materials and his playful yet precise approach to design. Whether it’s a custom bookcase or a uniquely surfaced table, each piece crafted in his workshop tells a story of transformation - from conceptual sketches influenced by a lifetime of musical composition to functional art pieces. The meticulous attention to detail and innovative use of materials make his furniture not just objects of utility but also of profound artistic expression.


At the core of Jakob Mizrahi’s vision is a commitment to transforming spaces with pieces that offer both functionality and a statement of personal expression. He envisions furniture that serves as a focal point of creativity and comfort in any setting, embodying both the wild spirit of the 80s and the timeless elegance of classical music. Each creation is an invitation to experience the joy of unique design and the warmth of well-crafted wood, with a touch of vinyl brilliance.