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A Blend of Love, Color, and Comfort in Interior Design

Eleven years ago, Nadia and Alexander, two students with a shared passion for aesthetics, met in a student collective. Their mutual appreciation for beautiful things sparked not only a romantic relationship but also a creative partnership leading to the formation of their company, MAK MISHO. The company embodies their unique philosophy of mixing unconventional materials and colors in furniture design, beginning with their first launch - the WAK CHAIR.

The couple recently moved into a spacious turn-of-the-century apartment in Copenhagen's Hellerup district, which they transformed to reflect their bold and whimsical taste. Originally an all-white space, they infused it with vibrant colors, opting for pink and green walls in the living room, though they chose to keep the ceiling white to maintain a balance.

Their home decor is a curated collection of heirlooms and flea market treasures, emphasizing a playful yet authentic aesthetic. While they enjoy vibrant furniture and contrasting details, they also appreciate the need for comfort and practicality in their living space, as highlighted by their choice of a cozy, though less stylistically ideal, sofa.

Nadia and Alexander continue to explore the fine line between fun and functionality, creating a living environment that is both inviting and expressive of their unique design ethos.